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Paint Protection Film Product Care after Installation

No special care is required, only cleaning and maintenance just as you would normally.

  1. After installation, DO NOT Wash vehicle for 3 days to allow adhesive to properly cure.  Do not use a pressure washer or go through car wash for 30 days, hand wash only.
  2. When washing vehicle, only use car wash soap.  Do not use other detergents in place of car wash soap.  Do not use solvents of any kind on the film to remove bugs or ay other items.
  3. When waxing vehicle is it recommended that you wax the film separate from other painted surfaces to avoid getting wax on the film edge.  When waxing, try not to get wax on the film edge, it will leave a white residue line on the film edge.
  4. DO NOT use any abrasive cleaners or detergents on the film.
  5. After 30 days of installation, an application of a high quality vehicle wax is recommended to retain the luster and performance of the product.  DO NOT wax in direct sun light.  Do not use a wax with a dye or yellow paste because this will yellow the film over time so please use Plexus products.  You can purchase this product from Detail Authority (703-978-7800).
  6. To remove any heavy residue form film edges, use rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl 70-90%) and wipe with a clean cotton cloth or a Q-tip. Only use on the edge, not the top layer of the film.

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